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We offer free on-site iPhone repair. In other words, we come to you.  Your office, neighborhood coffee shop, hotel lobby, wherever. We also offer free pick-up and delivery. Our technicians are very professional and super quick, so we won’t be in your hair for too long.

We pick up, repair and deliver cracked iPads as well!


Step 1

Book an appointment online, give us a call, or shoot us a text 248-965-9877

Step 2

We confirm your appointment and show up at your requested time and location

Step 3

Within a few minutes of our arrival, your device is fixed and life is good!


We travel to your office or neighborhood coffee shop to fix your broken iPhone anywhere in and around Royal Oak. 

Royal Oak Fix iPhone X

In all of our years doing iPhone repairs in Royal Oak, we have never seen a screen quite like this one. When we first turned it on, it looked like the universe. Glowing with green atmosphere and cosmic stars in the far distance. Beautiful. Mysterious. Ever-changing....

iPhone Glass Replacement Royal Oak

iPhone Glass Replacement Royal Oak Debbie called us last week looking for an iPhone glass replacement in Royal Oak. On her beloved iPhone 5 SE, she shattered the screen. After weeks of cutting her fingertips on the cracked glass, she was ready to have the screen...

iPhone Fix Near Me – 48073

Becky typed in iPhone Fix Near Me 48073 to see what would pop up. A few days ago she had dropped her iPhone 7 on the ground. The result you can see in the picture. To her dismay she was now the owner of a broken iPhone. She was not happy and wanted to get the cracked...

Places That Fix iPhone Screens for Cheap

Dorothy began her search by looking for places that fix iPhones screens for cheap. Many companies and services popped up on the old trusty Google search. Which one would she choose. After scrolling through the results, one name stood out. She loved the sound of it -...

Royal Oak iPhone Repair Cost

Royal Oak iPhone Repair Cost David rang us up today looking for the Royal Oak iPhone repair cost for his iPhone X screen. Apparently he had dropped it while riding his bike through the downtown area. Not please with the result of the drop, he began looking for a...

Cracked iPhone Repair in Royal Oak

Cracked iPhone Repair in Royal Oak Judy called us today looking for a cracked iPhone repair in Royal Oak. Apparently she had been walking around town with a cracked iPhone X screen for nearly 3 weeks. Every time she swiped to unlock her phone, she would feel the...

iPhone Repair Near Me – Royal Oak

iPhone Repair Near Me Brian was in need of a screen replacement on his iPhone 8 and began to search journey by typing in iPhone Repair Near Me into the old trusty internet. What he came to find was amazement. There is a mobile phone repair service out there that...

Royal Oak iPhone Screen Repair

Royal Oak iPhone Screen Repair Monica began her search by typing in Royal Oak iPhone Screen Repair. She was the unfortunate owner of an iPhone 6S that had taken a tumble. It all happened when she reached in her purse to grab her iPhone. Something must have caught the...

Fix my iPhone Screen in Royal Oak

Liz rang us up today after doing a search for 'fix my iPhone Screen in Royal Oak' turned up our service at iRepairRoyalOak. She was in a pickle - her iPhone 6S bit the dust and was not working properly. Liz knew it would turn on and she could her text messages coming...

Royal Oak iPhone Repair

John called us earlier this morning looking for a Royal Oak iPhone repair service that could fix his broken iPhone 8 screen. He had dropped it last night while doing some work in the garage. When he went to pick it up, he discovered that he had shattered the screen....