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Basically, Bobby broke his iPhone 7 screen and began the process of getting it fixed by typing in Cell Phone Repair Near Me to his favorite search engine. What resulted amazed him. There were several repair options in the area, but none of them really peaked his interest. Not until he found iRepairRoyalOak, of course. This was an incredible service he learned. A technician would come to his office and replace his cracked screen right in front of him. Thrilled, he decided to give us a call.

Cell Phone Repair Near Me

We met Bobby in downtown Royal Oak. Within 25 minutes of sitting down at his desk, we had Bobby’s iPhone 7 screen replaced. The phone looked brand new. When we asked Bobby what had happened to his phone, he said that he had it in his pocket and he bumped into a corner of one of his tables. After he pulled his phone out of his pocket, it looked like it does in the picture. No fun!



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