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Cracked iPhone Repair in Royal Oak

Judy called us today looking for a cracked iPhone repair in Royal Oak. Apparently she had been walking around town with a cracked iPhone X screen for nearly 3 weeks. Every time she swiped to unlock her phone, she would feel the cracks. Several times they even began to cut her fingertips. No fun! It was time for Judy to replace the broken screen on her iPhone X.

We Come To You!

She began looking around for options. The idea of leaving her iPhone at one of those repair shops did not interest her. Emails, photos, apps – she didn’t want to give anyone access to those. Judy wondered if there was a service for a cracked iPhone repair in Royal Oak that would be able to repair her phone right in front of here.

Screens Replaced in 25 Minutes

Within minutes she found an amazing service that would go to her and replace the broken screen in front of her. This was exactly what she was looking for. After unlocking her cracked iPhone screen one more time, she gave us a call and set up an appointment for later in the afternoon.

We met Judy at her office in Royal Oak and replaced the broken screen on her iPhone X. Finally, she thought, she could go about her day without the risk of cutting her fingers. Her iPhone X looked like new again and she could be more delighted.

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