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Deb called us today after doing a search for fix my cell phone screen in Royal Oak. Over the weekend she had dropped her iPhone 8 on the ground and completely shattered the screen. It no longer worked and she was out of touch with the rest of the world. She had no idea what any of her friends were doing and was clueless as to who was trying to call or email her. Such is life without a cell phone these days.

Fix My Cell Phone Screen – 48067

After the long struggle, she went on her work computer and began doing some research. Her first instinct told her to do a simple Google search for Fix My Cell Phone Screen in Royal Oak. When the search results came up, she was delighted to find a service that repairs broken iPhone screens. She clicked on our website to see if we had prices listed. We sure did. She kept going to see if we happen to be a mobile service. We sure are. And finally she called us to see if we could fix her iPhone 8 screen today. We sure could.

Within a few minutes on the phone, we schedule an appointment with Deb for a half an hour later. Our technician met Deb at her office in downtown Royal Oak and replaced the broken screen on her iPhone 8 in just under 20 minutes. Deb could go about her day and life as if nothing ever happen. Her iPhone 8 was back to normal. She could finally respond to those text messages and emails. As we were packing, Deb mentioned how amazing it is that our phones have become such a huge part of our daily life. Not having access to it, even for a little bit, can cause some massive inconveniences. If you or anyone you know has typed in fix my cell phone screen into their Google searches before, have them get in touch with us.

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