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Jon thought to himself, “I need to fix my iPhone screen fast.” After a long night out on the town, the next morning he was looking at a cracked screen on his iPhone 6S Plus. The screen was totally damaged. He couldn’t call, text, or listen to his morning podcasts. This predicament put Jon in a bit of a bum mood. How could he get it fixed. Did any one know of a service that could do such a thing. Reluctantly he went to his computer and began looking for iPhone repair services in Royal Oak that could help.

Still fresh in his mind he typed in his initial thoughts – Fix my iPhone screen fast. On the top of his search results came an amazing service called iRepairRoyalOak. It had the description as the #1 iPhone screen repair service in Royal Oak. He thought he might be onto something. Jon borrowed his roommates phone and decided to give us a call.

Fix My iPhone Screen Fast

We answered and within a couple of minutes set up an appointment with Jon. We met him at his home in Royal Oak and replaced the badly cracked iPhone screen right in front of him. The phone looked brand new and was brought back to life. Delighted with the whole experience, Jon shared to good news with all of his roommates. They too were amazed with how awesome the convenience and speed in which we were able to replace the broken screen.

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