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John gave us a call today looking for a new screen on his iPhone 11. Getting out of the car last night, he left his iPhone on his lap. When he got up the phone went crashing to the ground, shattering the screen. Ouch! Unbelievable! John was not happy. This was a new phone for him and he really like the upgrade from the iPhone 6S that he previously had.

I Need a Screen Replacement on my iPhone 11

This morning he began looking around for iPhone repair services in Royal Oak that could fix his broken iPhone. He Googled that sentence “I need a screen replacement on my iPhone 11” and we came right up. John got on his work phone and gave us a call immediately. Within a few minutes, we explained our mobile service to him and scheduled an appointment for later in the morning.

cracked iphone 11 screen

At the moment we’ve been meeting our customers outside their home or work or wherever it’s convenient and doing the repair right in our car. The whole process takes about 20 minutes. We met John on Main St. in downtown Royal Oak and replaced the broken screen on his iPhone 11 in about 15 minutes. He was delighted. We were happy to could get things looking like new again.

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