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Becky typed in iPhone Fix Near Me 48073 to see what would pop up. A few days ago she had dropped her iPhone 7 on the ground. The result you can see in the picture. To her dismay she was now the owner of a broken iPhone. She was not happy and wanted to get the cracked screen replaced ASAP.

Was there a repair service in Royal Oak that could replace the cracked screen on her iPhone? Does anyone even do that? Is it possible to get her iPhone back to the way it used to look? Yes. Yes. And Yes. There is an amazing service out there that fixes broken and cracked iPhones in the Royal Oak area.

Within the hour of breaking her phone, Becky was searching online. The results for iPhone Fix Near Me 48073 showed us right at the top. She clicked on iRepairRoyalOak and was delighted to learn there was such an amazing service. After a few minutes scrolling through our site, she gave us a call. We were able to schedule an appointment with her an hour later. Our technician met Becky on her front patio and did the repair right at table on her porch.

In just under 25 minutes, we had Becky’s iPhone screen replaced and looking like new again. Becky took up our offer for a free screen protector and we were happy to install that for her after replacing the screen. If you or anyone you know in the Royal Oak area have a broken iPhone screen, give us a call today!

iPhone Fix Near Me 48073

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