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iPhone Repair Near Me

Brian was in need of a screen replacement on his iPhone 8 and began to search journey by typing in iPhone Repair Near Me into the old trusty internet. What he came to find was amazement. There is a mobile phone repair service out there that actually goes to its customers and repair their iPhones on the spot. He was intrigued, but a bit skeptical. Could this be true?

Cracked iPhone Screen Repair in Royal Oak

After a few minutes of deliberation, Brian decided to give us a call. We answered promptly and listened to Brian express his need for an “iPhone repair near me.” He lived and worked in downtown Royal Oak. Within a few moments of chatting, we scheduled an appointment with Brian to meet him at his office. Apparently the night before when he was walking down the street Brian dropped his iPhone on the ground, shattering the screen. It was almost inoperable. The glass was shattered and the LCD screen was flickering.

Fix iPhone Screen Today

We met Brian at his office and got right to work at one of the conference desks he reserved. In just under 25 minutes, we had Brian’s shattered iPhone screen looking like new again. It was as if nothing had ever happened. He could go about his day making those calls and typing those text messages like before. Thrilled, he said he would definitely spread the word about iRepairRoyalOak and tell any friends or coworkers that also had broken iPhone screens.

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