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Lionel was curious what would pop up if he typed in phone repair shop near me. You see, he had been in possession of a broken iPhone for a long while now. The screen was absolutely shattered. Every time he typed a message or opened an app, he risked cutting his fingertips. This was starting to become a problem and Lionel was ready to make a move.

While in Royal Oak he decided to open up once of his map apps and typed in phone repair shop near me. When iRepairRoyalOak showed up, he thought to give us a call. After a few minutes on the phones, we set up an appointment to meet him at the Starbucks on Main. We’ve done dozens of repairs here and love meeting customers over a cup of coffee.

Once we both arrived at Starbucks, we got working on Lionel’s cracked iPhone screen. In just under 25 minutes, his broken screen was replaced with a brand new one. Delighted with the new screen and convenience of our service, Lionel said we had made his day. He was so happy to have a new screen on his beloved iPhone.

If you or anyone you know has been walking around town with a broken iPhone screen, have them get in touch with us today!

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