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Dorothy began her search by looking for places that fix iPhones screens for cheap. Many companies and services popped up on the old trusty Google search. Which one would she choose. After scrolling through the results, one name stood out. She loved the sound of it – iRepairRoyalOak. Amazing! Was this the one of the places that fix iPhone screens for cheap, she wondered.

Within a few minutes, Dorothy was on the phone with us. She needed someone to replace the cracked screen on her iPhone X. Over the weekend, she was cycling through campus when her iPhone slipped out of her pocket. The result you can see in the pictures. Cracks ran all up and down through the screen. It was cutting her finger tips with each swipe.

We met Dorothy at the Atomic Coffee in downtown Royal Oak. In just under 20 minutes, we had Dorothy’s iPhone X screen replaced and looking like new again. She said it was liked nothing had ever happened. What a find! Places that fix iPhone screens for cheap. How cool! If you or anyone you know is looking for a great service to replace a broken screen, have them give us a call.

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