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  iPhone Screen Replacement


iPhone 5S – $69

iPhone SE – $69

iPhone 6 – $69

iPhone 6 Plus – $69

iPhone 6S – $69

iPhone 6S Plus – $69

iPhone 7 – $79

iPhone 7 Plus – $79

iPhone 8 – $79

iPhone 8 Plus – $79

iPhone SE 2nd Gen – $79

iPhone X – $109

iPhone XR – $99

iPhone XS – $109

iPhone XS Max – $119

iPhone 11  –  $99

iPhone 11 Pro  –  $129

iPhone 11 Pro Max  –  $129

iPhone 12 Mini  –  $139

iPhone 12  –  $139

iPhone 12 Pro  –  $139

iPhone 12 Pro Max  –  $139

iPhone 13 Mini  –  $139

iPhone 13  –  $139

iPhone 13 Pro  –  $399

iPhone 13 Pro Max  –  $439


iPhone Battery Replacement


6 – 8 Plus WITH Screen Replacement  –  +$40

6 – 8 Plus WITHOUT Screen Replacement  –  +$80

X – 11 Pro Max WITH Screen Replacement  –  +$80

X – 11 Pro Max WITHOUT Screen Replacement  –  +$100


iPad Screen Replacement


iPad 2 – $99

iPad 3 – $99

iPad 4 – $99

iPad 5 – $119

iPad 6 – $119

iPad 7 – $119 

iPad 8  –  $119

iPad Air – $119

iPad Air 2 – $199

iPad Air 3  –  $239

iPad Air 4  –  Not Yet Available

iPad Mini – $129

iPad Mini 2 – $129

iPad Mini 3  –  $119

iPad Mini 4  –  $199

iPad Mini 5  –  $199

iPad Pro 9.7  –  $219

iPad Pro 10.5  –  $279

iPad Pro 11 (1st Gen)  –  Please Call

iPad Pro 11 (2nd Gen)  – Please Call

iPad Pro 12.9 (1st Gen)  – Please Call

iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd Gen)  – Please Call

iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd Gen)  – Please Call

iPad Pro 12.9 (4th Gen)  – Please Call


All Other iPads – Please Call!

Cracked iPhone 12 Screen Repair in Royal Oak

Yesterday we met with Kim who was unfortunate enough to drop her iPhone 12 on the concrete parking lot. After picking it up, Kim was staring a a cracked iPhone 12 screen and was not happy. Being in the Royal Oak area, she knew there had to be a service that did...

I Need a Screen Replacement on my iPhone 11

John gave us a call today looking for a new screen on his iPhone 11. Getting out of the car last night, he left his iPhone on his lap. When he got up the phone went crashing to the ground, shattering the screen. Ouch! Unbelievable! John was not happy. This was a new...

Royal Oak iPhone Repair Near Me

Josh cracked the heck out of his iPhone 8 Plus screen and immediately did a search from Royal Oak iPhone Repair Near Me. He was in desperate need of getting his broken phone fixed. You see, the night before Josh was walking on Main with a big group of his friends....

Mobile iPhone Glass Replacement in Royal Oak

Steph called today looking for an iPhone glass replacement service in Royal Oak that could fix her broken iPhone screen. She dropped her phone over the weekend and has since been walking around with a cracked screen. Not happy, she began looking for options. Was there...

Cell Phone Repair Near Me

Basically, Bobby broke his iPhone 7 screen and began the process of getting it fixed by typing in Cell Phone Repair Near Me to his favorite search engine. What resulted amazed him. There were several repair options in the area, but none of them really peaked his...

Fix My iPhone Screen Fast

Jon thought to himself, "I need to fix my iPhone screen fast." After a long night out on the town, the next morning he was looking at a cracked screen on his iPhone 6S Plus. The screen was totally damaged. He couldn't call, text, or listen to his morning podcasts....

Fix My Cell Phone Screen – 48067

Deb called us today after doing a search for fix my cell phone screen in Royal Oak. Over the weekend she had dropped her iPhone 8 on the ground and completely shattered the screen. It no longer worked and she was out of touch with the rest of the world. She had no...

Alternative to uBreakiFix for iPhone Repair

If you're in the Royal Oak area and looking for an alternative to uBreakiFix for iPhone Repair, look no further. You've come to the right spot. Taking your phone into a repair shop can be a hassle. Wait times and not knowing who is working on your precious iPhone can...

Best iPhone XS Screen Replacement

Best iPhone XS Screen Replacement Zaid went looking for the best iPhone XS screen replacement service in Royal Oak. For nearly a week, he had a bright white line running down the screen on his iPhone XS Max. Not quite sure how it happened, Zaid was pretty annoyed with...

Phone Repair Shop Near Me

Lionel was curious what would pop up if he typed in phone repair shop near me. You see, he had been in possession of a broken iPhone for a long while now. The screen was absolutely shattered. Every time he typed a message or opened an app, he risked cutting his...
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