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Josh cracked the heck out of his iPhone 8 Plus screen and immediately did a search from Royal Oak iPhone Repair Near Me. He was in desperate need of getting his broken phone fixed. You see, the night before Josh was walking on Main with a big group of his friends. They were looking for places to go and people to meet. When one of his friends asked Josh to find a place, Josh took out his iPhone from his pocket and accidentally dropped it. The phone went crashing to the concrete, shattering the screen on his iPhone 8 Plus.

Saddened by the drop, Josh had to fight back tears. He didn’t want his friends to know how important his iPhone was to him. The next morning Josh went looking for a iPhone repair service in Royal Oak that could fix or replace his screen. A google search for Royal Oak iPhone repair near me brought none other than iRepairRoyalOak. A few clicks through our site, Josh was ready to give us a call.

After speaking on the phone, we met Josh at a local coffee shop and got right to work. In just under 20 minutes, we had Josh’s cracked iPhone 8 Plus screen replaced and looking like new again. He was delighted. What a simple convenient experience it was for him. We put a free screen protector on for Josh and wished him good luck in his journeys.

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